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Posted on 09-26-2017

Text Neck: A Modern-Day Occupational Hazard

Look into seeking chiropractic treatment for a condition called Text Neck

It's not uncommon for busy working people to struggle with headaches, neck pain, muscle stiffness and related symptoms -- but did you know that your discomfort could be caused, not by emotional stress, but by the physical stress your mobile device places on your neck? If you depend on a cell phone, tablets, and other such state-of-the-art electronic hardware, you may be suffering from a modern-day occupational hazard known as text neck. Let's take a look at how your neck posture affects your cervical spinal and muscular health, and how you can overcome neck pain and other issues through conservative remedies.

What Is Text Neck?

"Text neck" is the name given to cervical spinal pain and other symptoms caused by a head-forward position. In this situation, the head is allowed to droop forward and tilt downward instead of maintaining a healthy vertical alignment against the forces of gravity. Individuals who constantly consult their mobile devices are at risk for this condition.The unnatural posture puts a lot of stress on the muscles tasked with supporting the head, resulting in chronic strain and muscle spasms. It can also encourage the vertebral joints and vertebrae to shift out of position, which in turn can lead to herniated discs and pinched cervical nerve roots. Signs and symptoms of text neck may include:

-Neck pain and stiffness

-Upper back and/or shoulder pain

-Neurological issues such as pain, tingling or numbness in the arms/hands (cervical radiculopathy)

-Tension headaches

-Obvious changes in your curve of your neck

It should be noted that staring at a mobile device all day isn't the only factor in developing the pain and stiffness seen in text neck. An improperly-positioned desktop monitor can cause the same problem by forcing you to tilt your head down as you read the displayed information. In fact, electronic devices need not be involved at all; any situation that compels you to adopt an unnatural neck posture for hours at a time, from the pursuit of hobbies to ergonomic requirements on the job, can leave you with the exact same musculoskeletal and neurological symptoms.

Consider Natural Solutions From Our Tracy CA Chiropractor

Whether you've just begun experiencing the symptoms of text neck or you've already developed significant problems in your cervical spine, the good news is that you can fight back with the natural, non-surgical solutions available here at Ringer Chiropractor. Our Tracy Ca chiropractor, Dr. Ringer, can examine your neck for vertebral misalignment and disc trouble while also observing how your neck curvature may have drifted off-center. Cervical chiropractic adjustments can normalize your neck alignment, relieving nerve impingement and muscular strain in the process.

Once you've gotten over your current cause of text neck, you'll want to do everything you can to avoid having this problem in the future. We can help by recommending exercises to strengthen your neck muscles, ergonomic changes to your work area, and smart strategies for minimizing your use of the head-forward position.

Schedule an Appointment With Your Local Chiropractor in Tracy, CA

If looking down all the time is producing negative consequences in your neck, you'll soon find that things are looking up once you get the treatment and advice you need at Ringer Chiropractic. Call our Tracy CA California today at 209-835-2225 so we can turn that case of text neck around!

Are you a "power user" of mobile devices and modern technologies? Don't hesitate, call your local chiropractor today!

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